April 24, 2010

My ToP 5 ♥

Yeah2! I'm 20th :D

Masturah Zamri
♥ Family 1st =)
- abah, mama, abg noor, abg anip, dhah.. Love u'all nevertheless..
♥ Hazel eyes ;D
- tersangat bersyukur dgn kurniaanNYA :)
♥ Step mother ;)
- only with my niece n cousin, I won't spoil them in future, so i have to :)
♥ Addicted
- facebook, music, Dutch Lady Low Fat Milk, pink, girlie stuff! LOL!
♥ Happy Go Lucky :D
- Pot Pet Pot Pet, ketawa.. Pot Pet Pot Pet, ketawa lagi.. :D


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